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Inmates with special needs - 1204 Words

Inmates with Special Needs Sarah Berry CJA/234 November 25, 2013 Richard Gilbert Inmates with Special Needs Inmate with special needs, mental illnesses, substance-abuse issues, juvenile offenders, and older inmates are all considered special offenders upon entering the correctional facility and classification process. These inmates are classified as special offenders, which refers to inmates with behavioral issues that will need close supervision, specific treatment plans, and sometimes treatment outside the correctional facility (Seiter, 2011). The number one complaint filed by prisoners is inmate neglect and although many cases amount to nothing, a higher percentage of cases won are by those of special†¦show more content†¦The Prison Reform Trust (PRT), a service that provides inmates a place to file complaints, reports that inmate neglect since 2010 has increased almost 5% every year (Allison, 2012). The criminal justice system and correctional system take responsibility for inmates upon sentencing and incarceration, so treatment for inmates with spec ial needs must be taken seriously and treatment must be offered no matter the cost. Substance-Abusing Inmates Inmates who suffer from substance abuse need just as much attention as inmates who suffer from a mental illness. There are different counseling and treatment options for inmates who are suffering from withdrawals and sobriety, but one organization is making a positive impact on prisoners during incarceration. The Residential Drug and Alcohol Program (RDAP) focuses on long-term inmates in federal prisons. RDAP provides services that typically cost $50,000 in society for free to inmates who are truly seeking to make a change while incarcerated (Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2013). RDAP mission is to rehabilitate prisoners by having them interact as they would in society in hope that upon release the preparation and lifestyle will be familiar and not cause a relapse in an inmate’s sobriety (Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2013). Prisoners who are selected for this program are screen for any violent tendency, and inmates who have completed the program once, and i nmates who are in there for the wrong reason.Show MoreRelatedManagement Concerns Of Corrections For Special Populations Essay1289 Words   |  6 PagesCorrections for Special Populations Michelle Bergos Introduction to Corrections 140 September 25, 2016 Jason Skeens Abstract More often than not, if John Q. Public is asked the purpose or goals of our American correctional system the reply is incapacitation, retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation. However, what we are really asking for our corrections system to do is to secure and supervise the individuals cast out of society through the judicial process regardless of their individual needs and abilitiesRead MorePrisoners with Special Needs917 Words   |  4 PagesPrisoners with Special Needs Roy Briston CJA/234 February 18, 2014 Prisoners with Special Needs There are many inmates in prisons that have different special needs. Some of these needs are based on whether the inmates are male or female. Males have some special needs to take care of their selves that females do not and vice versa. Then there are those who suffer from a mental illness. Their special needs are much different than those who have basic needs. People who suffer from substanceRead MoreSolitary Confinement Or Ad Seg1689 Words   |  7 Pages inhumane treatment, no outside contact or contact with other beings and also this special unit is becoming over used across America. Solitary confinement or ad seg is the disciplinary unit in most prisons where the inmates are housed when those inmates get in serious trouble or those individuals are being protected from other inmates in the jail. This special unit in the jail is referred to as the ‘hole’, special housing, restricted housing and also administrated segregation to the jail staff. AdRead MorePrisoners Wi th Special Needs864 Words   |  4 PagesPrisons are made up of several types of offenders, however within the prison populations, there are those offenders which make up the special needs category or those who are known for substance abuse. The reason why these special need inmates affect the jail and prison system, both on a federal and state level would be because of the specialized attention in which they require. If these prisoners are not given the proper attention that is needed for their disability, they can because a dangerRead MoreHomeless And Mentally Ill Offenders1119 Words   |  5 Pagesabused further inside the prison’s walls. Each year, the number of inmates diagnosed increases, but also the ones who get arrested already mentally ill. The public shies away from them, but they also think they should be treated in a hospital, not in a prison. While there are many cases out there, that have either made a significant difference to their treatment, or just a l ittle nudge to change, the numbers do not drop. The inmates who got the disease before being arrested was most probably becauseRead MoreGang Violence : Effects On Recidivism Through Rehabilitation Programs1533 Words   |  7 Pageschange them for the better and it can start with youths. Controversy, others, such as an article written by Scott, T.-L., Ruddell, R. et al. give us a reference to another country Canada which shows us the risk, needs, and the potential for prison rehabilitation for female gang inmates. These studies contentiously debate how the effects of gangs on the prison system effect violence within prisons, their recidivism, and if programs lead to a positive or potential negative or neutral effect. The FBIRead MoreCurrent Methods Used By Prisons Essay709 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent prisons. When gang members are transferred it is usually in â€Å"higher security institutions† (Viano, n.d, p.176). The goal is to break down gangs by removing and separating key members. In a study of â€Å"the top methods† used in gang deterrence, inmate transfers were utilized â€Å"82.1† percent of the time (Viano, n.d, p. 175). Another, frequently used tool is â€Å"mail† and â€Å"phone monitoring† (Viano, n.d, p. 175). Which, has been a consistent feature for tracking gang activity thus far. For this reasonRead MoreThe Status Quo Of Solitary Confinement1227 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 1A The Status Quo of Solitary Confinement Solitary confinement has had a long history in the American prison system. America is the first country to adapt solitary confinement into the prison regiment. Pennsylvania had the first special housing units for inmates or â€Å"SHU†. When Europeans came to America to look at the new model for prisons in Pennsylvania they wrote reports describing to the European parliament on how prisoners were treated like caged animals. Many of them quickly realized thatRead MoreChallenges for Correctional Administrators Essay525 Words   |  3 Pagesregarding the population of inmates? This may be a question that many people do not consider. Correctional administrators have to work very hard and be creative to ensure that all inmates, regardless of their challenges, needs are being met. The challenges of typical inmates are characterized by those that are mentally ill, elderly, and female inmates. Correctional administrators face a host of challenges when it comes to mentally ill inmates. Mentally ill inmates require more supervision andRead MoreSolving The Problem Of An Aging Prison Population1250 Words   |  5 Pagescontributed to growth in prison population. Inmates serving mandatory longer sentences are a part of one the biggest growing concerns with the American correctional system, an aging population with increased needs. Between 1981 and 2010, the number of U.S. prisoners age 55 and over increased from 8,853 to 124,900 (Criminal Justice Hub, n.d.). If the problem is not addressed and the rate continues to grow, by 2030, the number will grow to over 400,000 inmates. The aging prison population poses many

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The Effect Of Gas Turbine Blade Tip Injection On The Flow...

EFFECT OF GAS TURBINE BLADE TIP INJECTION ON THE FLOW CHARACTERISTICS AND THE DISTRIBUTION OF HEAT TRANSFER COEFFICIENT OVER BLADE SURFACES Ahmed A. Abdelsamee 1, Bassily Hanna 2, El-Batsh H.3, Mohammed R. Diab 4 1 Assistant Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering and energy Dep., Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University, Qena, Egypt 2Professor, Mechanical power engineering and energy Dep., Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Minia, Egypt 3 Professor, Mechanical power Engineering and energy Dep., Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, Egypt 4 Professor, Mechanical power Engineering and energy Dep., Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Minia, Egypt Abstract Gas turbine blades are subjected to high thermal loads caused by the high temperature of the gases entering the cascade. The pressure difference between the blade pressure surface and the blade suction surface induces tip leakage flow, which increases heat transfer in the blade tip region. In this paper, the three dimensional flow and heat transfer are examined for an internally cooled blade cascade with tip injection using numerical technique. The three-dimensional turbulent flow was obtained by solving Reynolds averaged Navier Stokes equations and the energy equation. The Shear Stress Transport (SST) k-ï  · model was employed to represent turbulent flow. The cooling air is injected from eleven holes with 3 mm diameter arranged along the blade chamber line. The operating and boundary conditions

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The Effects Of Sexual Harassment On Children - 1421 Words

Introduction In the educational atmosphere where children are supposed to receive education, both moral and fundamental, they get subjected to mental blows from their own community, either from male professors, school or university staffs, students as well as the teaching assistants in the form of sexual assaults. In the Falconer report, the advisory committee held that around 4200 girls aged between 9 to 19 years of age has experienced sexual harassment (Yousaf Schmiede, 2016). It is of great concern that sexual harassment is widespread in the educational institutions worldwide. A considerable amount of illicit sexual advances have been also made by the administrators, educators, school staffs, visitors and third party service†¦show more content†¦The conduct unreasonably impacts the performance of the students in college, university, and school levels. Sexual harassment is also defined by law as requests for sexual favor, other sexual conducts where the submission affects directly or indirectly, and it affects the academic performances. In some cases, the person engaging in the act of harassment could try to intimidate and be hostile to the victim and make the environment gross and repulsive for the victim. Actions that include sexual harassment in educational environment Sexual harassment in the educational environment is a kind of unwelcome behavior and it interferes in the process of implementation of the rights of equal opportunity. In simple terms, it is nothing but sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment at universities is understood in the context of exercising of power by a specific individual. In the educational environment, there are many actions’ that lead to sexual harassment, especially for the women or girls studying there. It includes the following actions: Sexual harassment is the act of bullying, which is of course sexual in nature. In the educational domain, people or the staff members do the bullying that creates difficulty for the students and they do not have any available remedies. However, in the modern age, the victim finds it easier to shrug off the harassment if they haveShow MoreRelatedSexual Harassment And Its Effects On Children1661 Words   |  7 PagesSexual harassment sounds like an adult issue, or something that is only a problem in a work environment. Most people won’t even hear it identified or defined until possibly in the later years of high school, or until they start their first jobs, but sexual harassment can start as early as elementary school. What’s worse is that children are unaware that the behavior is wrong, and so it just continues. A lot of people claim that educating children about sexual behavior is unnecessary, when it couldRead MoreWomen s Rights Of Women1657 Words   |  7 Pagessexi sm, and sexual harassment. While the International Labor Organization (ILO) has been working to protect women in the workforce by providing maternity protection to ensure that the women’s work does not pose any risks to the health of the women and child, the United States is among the worst for enforcing maternity protection (International, 2014). According to the ILO, women have the right to maternity leave, medical care, protection of pregnant and breastfeeding women and their children from workplaceRead MoreStudent Sexual Misconduct And Sexual Harassment1750 Words   |  7 PagesTeacher-student sexual misconduct cases are on the rise nationwide. There has been less attention and emphasis on these issues. This paper will focus on the ethical issues and any involvements surrounding sexual misconducts and sexual harassment between teachers and students. This paper will define knowledge and an understanding on what constitutes a sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. This paper will enlighten the ethical concerns about teacher-student sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. This paperRead MoreThe Inequality Between Men And Women Based Solely On Gender1025 Words   |  5 Pagessometimes then do not even know that what they are saying or doing is considered discrimination. Gender inequality in the workplace happens during t he interview process, after being hired, and it can be seen through the use of pay discrimination and sexual harassment. An interview for a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences one can have. As a woman, when getting ready for an interview you must constantly be aware of how you are presenting yourself. You must be aware of how you dressed andRead MoreIs It A Victim Of Persecution?1553 Words   |  7 Pagesfor information on him, which led them to find out that Nassr was gay. Nassr had two children whom the militia captured. The Mahdi militia tortured them in order to get information on Nassr. Finally they killed Nassr children. Now Nassr is living in Siria by himself and alone because of the intolerance his country had for gay people. Intolerance impacts multiple sectors of society with far-reaching effects on the gay community. Due to the amount of intolerance in society these days, the gayRead MoreIs It A Victim Of Persecution?1554 Words   |  7 Pagesfor information on him, which led them to find out that Nassr was gay. Nassr had two children whom the militia captured. The Mahdi militia tortured them in order to get information on Nassr. Finally they killed Nassr children. Now Nassr is living in Siria by himself and alone because of the intolerance his country had for gay people. Intolerance impacts multiple sectors of society with far-reaching effects on the gay community. Due to the amount of intolerance in society these days, the gayRead MoreCyber Bullying Is A Phenomenon That Has Largely Been Examined From The Perspective Of The Individual Essay1149 Words   |  5 Pagesand its various forms. Part I Bullying tells us something about how a society lives and how our youth interact. Bullying is directly related to the social conflicts that a given society is facing whether they be sexual and racial discrimination, or sexual harassment based on gender or sexual identity. Schott (2014) seeks to define bullying as a social experience rather than a negative relationship between an individual and their victim. She struggles to find a definition that is â€Å"universally validRead MoreSexual Harassment Effects Body Esteem Essay649 Words   |  3 Pagesconstantly faced with unwelcomed sexual harassment on a daily basis. According to a report from the American Association of University Women in 2005, statistics showed at least 62 percent of female college students have reported being sexually harassed at their university (17). Stephen Franzoi conducted a study observing young women on their body esteem and the connection between parent interaction and the everyday experiences they had in the case it had an effect on them. It was a two-study investigationRead MoreSexual Abuse As A Public Health Concern1306 Words   |  6 PagesSexual Abuse as a Public Health Concern Heather Gagnon 10/6/15 Sexual abuse is a major public health concern in our country that affects numerous men and women of all ages. According to, â€Å"Sexual abuse refers to any action that pressures or coerces someone to do something sexually they don’t want to do. It can also refer to behavior that impacts a person’s ability to control their sexual activity or the circumstances in which sexual activity occurs, including oral sex, rape orRead MoreThe Effects Of Bullying On Children s Presentation On Bullying953 Words   |  4 Pages2003). These outcomes are present for both genders, but are often more common for girls than boys although it depends on the type of bullying occurring. As will be discussed, direct, indirect, and cyber bullying have different effects on girls as well as sexual harassment. Direct bullying, or traditional bullying occurs more often to boys, but it does occur to girls as well. Typically more girls will report bullying than boys and will have more severe health problems as a result (Gruber Fineran

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Animal Experiments Ethics Controversy free essay sample

Experiment In present-day society, it is a well-known fact that animal experiments are playing an increasingly key role in our lives, and it is advancing at an amazing speed. Its research results have completely changed our lives. But in the meantime, the animal experiments ethics controversy has sparked much debate. Many people think that for the survival and development of humans, animal experiments are necessary. While some people argue that life of animals and humans are equally important, they are against any form of animal experiments. In this essay, I will compare and contrast two typical opinions regarding this issue. Convincing arguments can be said that animal experiments are commonly used in medical research. In studies on investigation and prevention, human diseases play a huge role. To start with the role of medicine, using animals to test new drugs could help in understanding the effects and side effects of new drugs. We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Experiments Ethics Controversy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore, people don’t have to be test subjects, and can avoid the dangers of being these test subjects. Moreover, animal experiments in cloning human organs also have a new break through. For instance, people found that goats implanted with human stem cells have blood and organs similar to DNA of humans. Specifically, the main use of it is nurturing human organs in animals’ bodies. One day when people are injured or sick, they will be able to directly replace organs. More importantly, through animal experiments, we can explore the mysteries of human lives. In other words, controlling the human diseases and aging, extending the lives of humans could be realized by animal experiments. For these reasons, some statistics show that biomedical research projects with more than 60% need to conduct animal experiments. There are many topic researches of animal experiments that are difficult. After years of research, animal experiments have saved countless lives, and it will continue to save more lives. Compelling arguments can be made that animal experiments play an irreplaceable important role in many other fields of science. In the first place, national defense and military science obviously rely on animal experiments. As we know, the first creature into space was not human, instead it was a dog. People did a lot of experiments with the dog in space, and thus gained a lot of data. Sensors were used to monitor her heartbeat, blood pressure, and other bodily functions to better understand any physical changes that might occur in space. In the second place, agricultural science, using animal experiments is very important and meaningful. Thus chemical fertilizers, pesticide residue testing, and quality of food, is eventually determined through the uses of animal experiments. Last but not least, in the area of light industry, people’s daily necessities, especially, the effects of chemical products are experimented on animals to test for harmful ingredients. For instance, before food additives, fur products, cosmetics, and so on, companies were required to conduct animal experiments to prove they were not harm to the human body. With the development of times, more and more fields need animal experiments. Maybe people haven’t noticed, but it has become an essential part of people’s daily lives. It may be tempting to argue that animal experiments are not fair. The main reason for this is that people think animals and humans have the same basic survival needs, and high levels of psychological needs. Obviously, animals and humans have the same rights to live in the world. We need to respect animals, respect lives. Another reason is some people think that animal experiments are too cruel. For example, Draize eye irritation test is used to measure the stimulating degree to human eyes of certain products. Rabbit’s are always used to do this kind of test, since they don’t have tears. People lock up these rabbits, open their eyes, and drop in the test substances. In order to get the best results, people will be forced to close their eyes. Moreover, after the experiments, all the rabbits will be killed, whether they are healthy or not. Even so, we should not do this in order to save animals lives instead we should sacrifice people’s lives. We can’t dent animal experiments, since it has some inadequacies. I believe that before we find a viable alternative, the majority of people would still support animal experiments. In summary, I would concede that we should protect animals’ rights and welfare, try to reduce or stop animal experiments. Despite that in the present level of technology, the existence of animal experiments for the development of humans is very necessary. Overall, I am convinced that we should use the proper experimental design, and data analysis methods to reduce the use of experimental testing on animals in the existing conditions, and look for new alternatives actively.

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Al Gore Essays - Bush Family, Vice Presidents Of The United States

Al Gore Al Gore Running mate: Sen. Joe Lieberman. Current position: Vice president of the United States Political experience: Vice-President of the United States (1993-present); US senator from Tennessee (1985-1993); candidate for the Democratic nomination for president (1987-1988); US representative from Tennessee, (1977-1985) Work experience: farmer (1973-1990); investigative reporter, editorial writer, The Tennessean (1971-1976); home builder and land developer, Tanglewood Home Builders Co. (1971-1976) Party affiliation: Democrat Educational background: B.A., Harvard University, 1969; Vanderbilt University Law School, 1974-76. Military experience: U.S. Army, 1969-1971 Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Tipper Aitcheson Gore Children: Karenna, Kristin, Sarah, Albert Religion: Baptist Birthdate: March 31, 1948 in Washington D.C. Why he wants to be president: I want to keep our prosperity going, and I know how to do it. I want to do it the right way - not by letting people fend for themselves, or hoping for crumbs of compassion. June 1999, announcing his candidacy George W. Bush Running mate: Dick Cheney Current position: Governor of Texas Born: July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut, the eldest son of former President George Bush. Grew up in Midland, Texas. Attempting to become the second president's son to occupy the White House. First was the 6th president John Quincy Adams, son of the second President John Adams. Political experience: Governor of Texas (1995-present); adviser and speechwriter for his father's presidential campaign (1987-88); Republican nominee for US representative from Texas' 19th district (1978) Work experience: managing general partner, Texas Rangers baseball team (1989-94); consultant, Harken Energy Corporation (1986); president, Spectrum Corporation (1984-86); founder and CEO, Bush Exploration (1975-84) Party affiliation: Republican Educational background: B.A., Yale University, 1968; M.B.A., Harvard University, 1975. Military experience: Pilot in the Texas Air National Guard, 1968-73 Spouse: Laura Welch Bush Children: Twin daughters Barbara and Jenna Religion: Methodist, renewed faith aged 40 after counselling from evangelist Billy Graham. Jesus is his favorite philosopher or thinker because he changed my heart Birthdate: July 6, 1946 Contact information: George W. Bush for President, (512) 637-2000; Governor's office, (512) 463-2000. Why he wants to be president: I think our country is ready for a fresh start after a season of cynicism. Speech, February 2, South Carolina. Democratic platform backs open trade, death penalty News-Journal Wire Services ST. LOUIS - Pushing a centrist agenda, the Democrats' platform committee drafted a statement of principles calling for open trade, teacher certification and continued support for the death penalty despite objections from liberal, education and labor interest groups. The policy positions dovetail with the agenda of Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate who also supports capital punishment despite growing debate nationwide about its fairness. Meeting Friday, the committee added an amendment to the death penalty plank in the party platform, calling for DNA evidence to be used when appropriate and for efforts to ensure defendants effective legal counsel, which is in line with Gore's view. Some believe serious consideration ought to be given to repealing the death penalty, said Gerald Shea, assistant to the president for government affairs of the AFL-CIO, citing differences of opinion on the committee. I think the party is committed to being tough on crime. The Democratic Party spent the past decade trying to shake a soft-on-crime image that Republicans promoted. Texas Gov. George W. Bush, Gore's Republican opponent, has come under fire for heading a state with the nation's highest number of executions: more than 130 since Bush took office in 1995. North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt, who oversees the draft committee, said he believes Democrats will support the stand. There are differences in the party about the death penalty, he said. But the vice president and I support it in certain cases. The draft committee will submit the document to the platform committee on July 29 in Cleveland. Democrats will weigh final approval during their national convention, Aug. 14-17, in Los Angeles. I believe it's a platform the Vice President Gore can run on, and it's a platform he can win on, said Hunt. Specifically: -On trade, the proposed policy does not address the issue of favored trade status for China, which has been a source of contention within the party and among big labor. But it encourages the need to aggressively open new markets in which to sell our goods - at home and abroad. Major industrial unions have opposed the context and tone of such language. Democrats included a pledge to educate American workers so that they can compete for jobs in a global economy. The platform also vows to protect human rights and the environment. It's not the kind of document we would write, said the Shea of the AFL-CIO, which has endorsed Gore. But in the context of it being an outside group's document, we

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Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Service Provision Essays

Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Service Provision Essays Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Service Provision Paper Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Service Provision Paper Occupational Therapy is influenced by The Activity Theory because it helps to promote independence. An OT’s typical day would be that they teach their patient a self-care task i. e. dressing, grooming or personal hygiene. They could also teach their patients therapeutic activities such as balance, coordination or a reaching task, or help them with a therapeutic exercise which helps to improve their flexibility, strength and movement. All of these tasks will aid the patient in their everyday life, making it easier for them to do the things they want this could be to brush their own teeth, use the restroom by themselves and even dress themselves without any help. An OT really helps to do this because they tailor their treatments to each patient they have. This helps the patient to get the most out of the treatment and rather than just get back their movements they had before they overall improve it with the treatments. An OT also promotes activities because it gets people back out after they’ve had a stroke, illness or a fall doing the things that they loved and the things that they want to do. This also gets people socializing again because they are getting out and about and not staying cooped up inside their home, so therefore OT promotes social interaction as well as promoting activities. Occupational Therapy and the Disengagement Theory Occupational Therapy is influenced by The Disengagement Theory because people with may withdraw from society because they feel that they don’t need the therapy and/or they don’t want it. By them feeling like this they may not go to the treatments and as a result of this, their condition may get worse making them stay inside their home. For example, if a male resident had a fall and broke his arm he may be reluctant to get any treatment for it because he feels that he hasn’t ever needed a doctor before so he will be fine and it will heal. This may result in his arm getting stiff and the movements in his arm may be halved. This could make him feel stupid and embarrassed because he now can’t do things like he did before, making him want to stay inside and not participant in activities or social events. Care homes and The Disengagement Theory Care homes are influenced by The Disengagement Theory because they allow people to withdraw from society, they are primarily care based and only a few activities are put on in the care homes. Some examples of the activities they may put on are bowls and hoops. These activities may not interest all the residents which may make them stay inside as they can’t be bothered to come down just to watch or the activity may not accommodate for their needs so they may not be able to participate in the activity, this could make the resident feel stupid, embarrassed and lonely as they can’t get involved with the other residents. This in turn could make the resident not want to come out of their apartment at all because they haven’t got involved with anything in the past, they may feel less confident because they don’t know anyone very well. This may create potential barriers to social interactions between the residents within the care home. Care homes don’t promote independence very well either. This is because they are mainly care givers, however this isn’t all care homes just the majority. They don’t promote independence because they would normally give all the care, such as helping residents get dressed, bathe them, help them to go to the restroom and even help them to eat. Some residents may like this because it gives them an easy life but some residents won’t have much of a choice because of their health or illness they may have. Care homes and The Activity Theory Care homes are influenced by The Activity Theory because some care homes such as Norah Bellot Court promote activities to get the residents involved and moving which allows the staff members to assess the health and wellbeing of the residents. Norah Bellot Court is more of a sheltered housing but I’m going to use it as an example. They put on activities such as pool or snooker, bowls, hoops, the WII plus all the games they may have, book days and movie days. You can tell that the residents really like to get involved even when their health or illness does disable them from joining in they still come down to join in and share the company with the other residents.

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An in-depth analysis of a Honduras Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

An in-depth analysis of a Honduras - Essay Example Honduras has a great historical figure. He is Florencio Xatruch who had led the country’s armed forces and fought successfully against an attempted invasion by North American filibuster William Walker in 1857. A Honduran can be proudly called by the nickname of Catrocha or Catrocho which is inspiringly derived from the last name of Florencio. Every Honduran takes pride in being called with this nickname. Another noteworthy person hailing from Honduras to be mentioned is Salvador Moncada , one of the world famous scientists who has 12 highly cited papers to this credit. His research on heart related drugs includes the development of Viagra. Moncada works at the University College of London and funds an NGO in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. By virtue of the nature’s gift, Honduras is siuated conveniently in a land zone of biodiversity hot spot which is also known as the Mesoamerican region. This region extends from Southern Mexico to Panama and is famous for i ts diversity of species. Like other countries in the region, Honduras too has diverse biological resources and its indigenous cultures as well. As per the biological estimates, Honduras contains approximately 6000-8000 species of vascular plants and the number of reptiles and amphians species recorded so far is around 245.Birds can be between 650-700 species and mammal species are close to 110. Honduras is an embodiment of scenic beauty and natural attractions. 80% of the country’s terrain consists of mountains.